Acquisition of the Mount Morgan Au/Cu Mine & Funding Agreement with Carbine Resources

April 2014

Raging Bull is pleased to announce the formal acquisition of its main target asset in the Mount Morgan Au/Cu Mine and 1Mtpa Kundana CIP Plant.

The Company is also pleased to announce the execution of a formal agreement with Carbine Resources Limited (ASX: CRB) to finance and develop the asset.

Raging Bull intends to assist Carbine with technical expertise, technology access and networks in the development of Mount Morgan and other targeted assets.

Further information can be found through Carbine's ASX announcements and their website.

Target asset portfolio grows to include significant Cobalt resource

March 2014

Raging Bull is pleased to announce is has begun initial due diligence and negotiations on a significant Cobalt resource in Australia.

Historical testwork results acquired for the asset have shown the resource is suitable for development utilising Raging Bull’s processing expertise and target flowsheet.

The Company plans to progress discussions with current stakeholders over the coming quarter, with a view to executing an in-principal acquisition agreement that will be subject to the completion of confirmatory testwork.

Raging Bull will advise of further technical and commercial progress on the opportunity as it develops.

Completion of funding agreement with ASX listed company

February 2014

Raging Bull is pleased to announce it has completed an agreement with an ASX listed shell for funding of all projects currently under acquisition. The entity holds approximately A$5.5M which will be used to earn equity in the assets acquired by Raging Bull.

The agreement provides Raging Bull with the financial credibility to execute existing term sheets over the assets and complete each acquisition. The Company intends on completing the acquisitions in a staged basis over the coming quarter.

Identification of two additional target assets for acquisition

January 2014

Raging Bull is pleased to announce it has identified and progressed negotiations for the acquisition of two additional mineral assets in Australia.

Both opportunities represent significant opportunities for development of defined Copper and Copper/Gold resources, with the assets having specific application for Raging Bull’s processing expertise. The projects also provide potential for near term production and metal extraction from both water and tailings resources, with future access to existing in-situ resources likely.

Raging Bull plans to continue progressing the acquisition of these opportunities as is finalises funding for development of all projects.

Positive testwork and scoping study results for target Cu/Au asset

December 2013

Raging Bull is pleased to announce the completion of a scoping study and testwork program on its previously announced target Copper/Gold tailings asset.

The results of the scoping study and testwork have shown the project is economically robust under Raging Bull's planned flowsheet. The results compare favourably to previous feasibility studies over the resource, which themselves projected total cash costs of just A$600 – A650/oz of gold extracted.

Raging Bull now plans to formalise a funding agreement for acquisition and development of the project. The Company may also consider a public listing through IPO or RTO.